Limited Edition

This Limited Edition series contains seven different Apple Boxes:
 Each Box has one side panel that is individually designed and references the conceptual identity of the complete piece.  These concept boxes are offered in an edition of x/10; specially labeled with edition sequence and signature. The Apple Boxes function as practical furniture pieces as well as objects onto themselves. They exist beautiful in appearance and construction; the hardwood is sourced and selected based on discerning aesthetic characteristics.  
The Apple Box history started in conjunction with the advent of film and modern theatre. One can even see what appears to be proto-applebox in Jacque-Louis David’s "The Death of Marat" (1793). In the 1950s Le Corbusier made a fine furniture variant of the apple box and now Ilan Rubin has created a reinterpretation of this simple wood box  transforming the shape into an elevated object worthy of it's pedigree.